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100% Organic ingredients are the leaves, roots and bark of 20 healing herbs, provides vitamins and minerals, helps repair damaged organs and strengthens their immune system, thereby helping to fight off infection. It improves beak and feather condition, aids digestion, increases fertility and much more.
Herb Salad

orderhatched Hatched!™ Eggshell
Ultra-pure, 100% Organic source of crushed calcium. Transporter proteins in eggshell calcium significantly enhance bioavailability, making eggshell calcium 20% more absorbable than other forms of calcium carbonate. Supports eggshell production, heart muscle, nerve and bone formation.
Hatched!™ is pure, sanitized eggshell manufactured in the US.
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"Dear Cathy, Thank you so very much for the special care you took sending the herbs. They arrived today, and, as always, I am really pleased with the quality of the product. I am so glad to have a carefully formulated mix of organic herbs to feed my lovebird. He's happily munching on his herbs as I write this! I recommend your herbs to everyone I know who has a bird." Anne

Hi Twin Beaks,
I'd just like to thank you for making such an amazing product so easily accessible.

One of my 7 cockatiels was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma, and has been on quite the concoction of medication in the last few months. I was concerned about the damage that the medication was doing to his organs, and came across your website while browsing the web for an organic, herbal supplement that I could offer to try and combat some of the side effects of his drugs.

I ordered your Herb Salad from Healthy Bird in N.B., Canada, and couldn't be happier with the results that I've been seeing since offering it to my birds each day. My healthy cockatiels all enjoy it, but I'm absolutely gobsmacked at how much my sick little guy is enjoying his herbs. When he's not on my shoulder, he's IN his herb bowl digging around and picking out what he fancies. Since I started offering it, I've noticed a drastic improvement in his beak and feather condition, his appetite is like nothing I've ever seen before, and overall he just seems much happier. This, in turn, makes me happy given what he's been going through recently. My avian vet is amazed at how well he's doing and how his condition is actually IMPROVING, despite having cancer. I credit you guys wholeheartedly.

I recommend Herb Salad to every bird owner I know, and I am going to be buying and offering it to my birds every day from now on.

Thank you so much,
Ontario, Canada

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